09-March-2013 Perfecting Your Pitch

Another fantastic event with a superb audience! We spent a day at Cyberjaya, talking about how to pitch to angel investors and venture capitalists. We had lots of fun discussing various forms of investors, and how best to present yourself and your company. The Topic “How much is your Startup worth” struck a somber note with some of the members in the audience – many couldn’t believe how investors go about valuing a startup. All-in-all: a great day with a great audience!

What the participants said after the workshop: 

  • “Harald is able to make a very complex exercise look easy and les intimidating especially for less experienced pitchers / presenters”
  • “Very beneficial – especially for start-ups!”
  • “Good presentation due to proven experience”
  • “It is very informative and practical”
  • “Do it more often! We love you, Harald!!”
  • “Very beneficial, now I understand how much my company would be worth, and how to pitch”
  • “Its a useful workshop for those who want to start their business and get more sales”
  • “I would love to recommend the speaker to my network or even organize a training session with him”
  • “This has helped me to to have a better understanding on how to conduct my business more efficiently. Everything has been very informative”
  • “Very educational – 2 day workshop please !”


Some pictures of the event:

IMG_2431 IMG_2441 IMG_2445 IMG_2455 IMG_2464 IMG_2467 IMG_2482 IMG_2497