09-May-2013 Creative Funding For Your Business


What an exciting event – and what a great crowd! We talked about the numerous ways on how you can creatively find funds for your business from various sources. Some possibilities include government grants, vendor financing, bootstrapping, barter trade and venture capital financing. I tried to use my (very limited) knowledge of Bahasa Malaysia, which the attendees thought was very funny.

All in all another great event, thanks and a big shout out to all people attending!

Pic 4 Pic 6 Pic 5


Missed the event? Would you like to get the slides? Get them here :

[download file=”http://www.haraldweinbrecht.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Finance-Your-Business-Workshop-Material.pdf” title=”Funding Your Business – From Incorporation to IPO”]

 Finance Your Business РWorkshop Material

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