21-March-2013 Brand Like A Rockstar

Learn how to “Brand Like A Rockstar”, and join us at D’Balcony for a CEO Meeting on Thursday, March 21st.  

This is an exclusive event for CEO’s and Business owners brought by CEOxclusive.

“ceoXcel” is a platform for business leaders to meet, share & learn from each other. With the success of “Meeting of Minds” held in other countries within Asia Pacific, we are now having this in Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia.

Come meet & mingle with business leaders, self-made millionaires, top corporate executives, and chief executives from various industries.

This meeting is facilitated by the management team of ceoXcel. Each meeting promises a series of interesting and insightful learning for all members.

Participation is BY INVITATION ONLY, in D’Balcony, Publika, Solaris Dutamas  from 4-6 pm
For more information, kindly write to us at ceo@ceoexclusive.com or see our Facebook event 

Kindly contact us, if you need more information:

Write to ceo@ceoexclusive.com or register here

Harald Weinbrecht Business Coach

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